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Something Something Lush

I thought that title would only be temporary when I mindlessly jotted it down on Notes on my iPad, but I’m here now getting ready to post the finished thing and I still haven’t come up with anything better so it’s staying.

Now, I actually have a little confession to make. I’m relatively late to this party…I only purchased and tried my first ever Lush products last year (Intergalactic & The Experimenter bath bombs, as well as The Comforter bubble bar, if anyone’s wondering). Madness, I know – practically a sin, seeing as I live so near to one of their stores. But I’m so grateful that my best friend Beth accompanied me to Lush’s Brighton store last spring, because thinking about it now it was a pretty life changing experience (although perhaps that’s just because it’s been leaving me with slightly less money ever since…)! It was also a little bit overwhelming because it was so busy, and there were so many different types of products to choose from, some of which I couldn’t possibly figure out how to use myself. What do you mean, bubble bars aren’t the same as bath bombs? And why are they selling something that looks like Play-Doh?

Fast forward to January 2017. I now have a job, and therefore slightly more money than pre-job baby Jess. I’ve also recently transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. So naturally I’m feeling pretty enticed by Lush, and eager to try out some more items from their wide range of vegan cosmetics that I’ve heard people have so much love for! The one negative change here? I no longer live in a home with a bathtub….which means it’s time to get brave and move onto new types of products.

Despite the bath situation, I did in fact recently purchase myself an ‘Avobath’ bath bomb online (Hint hint, any friends who would like to loan me their bath so I can have some me time). Avocados and bath bombs are both pretty amazing in my eyes though, and this product gets extra points from me, as it’s vegan and apparently great for those with dry skin. I knew straight away that I couldn’t live without it. Slightly irrelevant to the main point of this post (we’re nearly at that destination, honest!), but I’m super exited to try it out!


So the main reason I’m writing now is actually one of these products here:


I went shopping in two different Lush stores whilst in London the other day because I kinda, possibly, lack self-control, and my main purchase was the Dream Cream hand & body lotion (although as you can see I also picked up the Don’t Look At Me face mask which is lovely, and The Kiss lip scrub which leaves my lips feeling and tasting beautiful!).

For as long as I can remember, my skin has been in pretty poor condition. Very dry a lot of the time, and always incredibly easily irritated. It’s basically eczema; although I think when I was seeing a dermatologist a few years ago she said it was something else. The point I’m trying to make here is that my skin is bad – and I can’t just pick up and use any old cosmetic products on my body. A lot of the time using moisturisers, or even just shower gels, will cause my skin to flare up. A different detergent in the washing machine? BOOM itchy skin. A change of weather? Yep, same story. A new moisturizer to try to make my skin soft? Haha that’s a good one, time to get blotchy. My skin is pretty fussy so buying skin care products can be risky – so when I picked up a signature black pot in Lush for £12.95, I was definitely feeling apprehensive.

But this beautiful pot of magic…wow. I haven’t tried anything like it before! It smells so clean, and reminded me of newborn babies (although my mum pointed out that its scent is like nappy rash cream, more precisely). Its formula feels so smooth, and has the perfect consistency making it very easy to apply. One of the key ingredients of this product is oat milk, which has made my skin feel very hydrated. It soaks in nicely (no sticky skin for random fluff from the atmosphere to cling to! Woo!), and most importantly…it doesn’t trigger any negative reactions from my sensitive skin! No tingly feelings on my legs, no red areas on my arms. Heaven. I’ve been in need of something like this for such a long time. It has quickly become a post-shower staple for me. I can’t get over how happy this product keeps my skin.


So, there you go. I love love LOVE my Dream Cream from Lush. I highly recommend it to all people, whether your skin is as fussy as mine or not! It lives up to its name as it is truly lush, and feels like a dream. I’ll definitely be trying more of their skin care products.

 My skin is thanking you, Lush ❤

 Jess x

Products mentioned:

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

The Experimenter Bath Bomb

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Avobath Bath Bomb

Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion (Self-Preserving)

Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

The Kiss Lip Scrub


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