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Adopting a House Rabbit Part One: Making This Crazy Decision

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a start on a small three part series, to introduce you to my new baby, and talk about the short but very busy journey I’ve been on leading up to bringing this sweetheart home! I hope you all enjoy it. ❤

I like cute animals. Everybody likes cute animals, right? I think it’s probably ingrained into every single human’s brain to find adorable animals completely irresistible. You just want to take them all home and cuddle them and spoil them with treats. How could anybody not want to be surrounded by sweet little fluffy purring creatures?! On a few occasions over the past few months, I’ve found myself searching around all of the websites of local animal adoption centres, looking at all of the precious potential companions.

I think it all began with tortoises – which don’t really fit my previous description, but they’re still beautiful little things. I concluded that they all seemed a bit out of my price range (and life expectancy). After that, I found myself looking at cats that were available for adoption in the area – I’m not sure Bella, our 16 year old tortoiseshell cat, would appreciate having a newbie around attempting to steal her food and attention though.

Then finally, on February 3rd, I was looking at the Raystede website, scrolling through the small animals page. Look at these, slightly ridiculous, cuties I found!


Then I saw Gizmo. Now this is crazy, but I truly think I’ve now experienced love at first sight. He’s a beautiful, fluffy boy. Very, very fluffy. He’s three years old, a lionhead, and he has a dental condition called malocclusion, which requires his teeth to be shortened under anaesthetic by a vet every 3-4 months. Despite the obligation of quarterly vet visits and bills, this only made me love him more – I’m more than happy to give him all of the care that he requires! He’s been searching for a home for a year now, and I think that the costs that accompany his illness may be the reason for that, which instantly made me feel so sorry for him.


I decided to email the centre to find out more about him, and later discovered that they’d attempted to bond Gizmo with four different female rabbits over the year that he’s been there, but has shown absolutely no interest in rabbit friends at all…which makes him the perfect bunny for me. I’d done some research and found out that it’s practically a requirement to own rabbits in pairs, so that they don’t get lonely…so finding out that Gizmo is one of the few rabbits who doesn’t require a companion was a huge factor when deciding if I was going to take this process any further. I also soon found out that he loves the company of children – which is wonderful, as I live at home with my parents and four younger siblings.


On February 6th, my mum, Misty and I took a trip to Ringmer to visit the centre that he currently lives at and we were all introduced to Gizmo. He was being a bit grumpy that day, but I gave him a stroke, and got covered in fur, and I knew I couldn’t live without him. The lady who showed us around told us some more about him, and I was full of excitement. I wouldn’t shut up about this rabbit after meeting him, although I was yet to convince my dad that adopting a rabbit was a good idea. Seeing as he’s a house rabbit, it would take a lot of work to keep everything safe – from new furniture, to my dad’s web of leads in his streaming corner. But I got the place tidied up and rabbit-proofed, promised to take full physical and financial responsibility for my first pet of my own, and…well, here we are (there may have also been some bribery Brewdogs involved)! At the time of writing this, I am less than a day away from bringing Gizmo home.

I couldn’t possibly be more excited about this step in my life! I can’t wait to give Gizmo a lovely new home. I’m going to spoil him like the fluffy little prince he is. I’ll be uploading two more posts in this little series – the next one will be about how I’ve been preparing my home and getting a nice set up ready for Gizmo, and the final will document our first days together.

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Jess x

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