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Adopting a House Rabbit Part Three: Coming Home

It’s now Friday and Gizmo has been settling in very nicely and definitely making himself at home. These first few days of getting to know Gizmo have been such a beautiful experience. He’s been introduced to his new family, and has comfortably been letting his lovely little personality show.


On Tuesday, straight after getting new tattoos with my best friend Beth, my mum drove us to Raystede to pick Gizmo up. Getting him into his new carrier and into the car was easy enough, and although he was absolutely fine with the whole experience, I was so worried about him the whole way home! The last thing I wanted was an unhappy, frightened little bunny.

Once we were home, I put his carrier gently down into his new pen, and patiently waited for my adopted bunny son to feel brave enough to come out. Much to my surprise, it took no time for him to begin exploring! Within an hour or two of him being in his new home, I’d already opened his pen door and was watching him slowly take his first steps out of this new comfort zone he’d just grown used to. Watching him get further and further away from his pen and then running back and stomping his feet when he was back in his little safe zone had me mesmerised for ages.


I’d read before that when bringing a new rabbit home, you should physically leave them alone for a day or two, to allow them to get used to their new surroundings without getting too overwhelmed. However, as I’d already discovered, Gizmo is an exception in many ways. My dad, of all people, suggested bringing Gizmo downstairs that night to allow him to run around in a bigger area. So I picked him up, took him downstairs, and he loved it. He showed no fear, and spent a couple of hours with us. Although he did one of those weird berry poops and ate it in front of us…I can’t say I loved that moment.


The next day was similar, he was visibly gaining confidence by the hour, and he was even left to roam around my room unsupervised – I never expected to be doing something like that so soon! He found a new favourite place, underneath my bed, and started going back there after exploring new territory, instead of running back to his pen to stomp.


That day he was also lucky enough to be fed lots of kale! Yum! In the evening, he had decided that he didn’t want to go upstairs when it was bedtime, and hid underneath the armchair. I’m convinced that was all a ploy to get me to feed him more pellets, as that was the only way I could think to lure him out! When we had finally made it upstairs, I’d decided to leave his pen open overnight. He spent the night under my bed (as far as I know!), but I got woken up by his stomping feet at 7am the next morning. We’re trying to stick to a loose bedtime routine now, which involves him chilling in his pen when it’s time to sleep. Much quieter!



On Thursday he was introduced properly to our cat, Bella. She was absolutely terrified of him, completely freaked out by this strange fluffy creature that was suddenly in her home. Luckily, Bella wouldn’t even harm a fly in her old age. Gizmo quickly became interested in her, after the initial shock, and began to follow her around the house – which she did not appreciate one bit! But hey – they don’t hate each other! I definitely consider that a success.

As it was Blaze’s birthday that day, Gizmo was able to discover that wrapping paper can be pretty fun. He also showed me that he’s a very clever boy who can go up and down stairs safely, which made me a very happy mum.


Today, on Friday, I got to spend the morning with Gizmo, before heading to work for the evening. I’m truly not sure how parents ever mange to go back to work after having a baby, or how they can face the idea of their offspring going to school, spending so much time apart. I spent the shift worrying about Gizmo being too alone, and messaging my mum asking her to turn my fairy lights on for him at the usual time, and to make sure that he’s been fed!

I’m so happy to have Gizmo in my life, and it seems like he feels the same way. I absolutely adore this bunny. I’m proud of how quickly he’s grown used to his new home. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to provide him with a suitable home, after a year of searching.


So many things have happened in such a short amount of time, I’m sure there are plenty of great moments that I’ve missed out – if you’d like to see regular updates about Gizmo’s new life, check out my Instagram. ❤

Jess x

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6 thoughts on “Adopting a House Rabbit Part Three: Coming Home

  1. Gizmo’s adorable! We adopted three male buns abandoned in a field after the (probably) didn’t win the child anything at the county fair. So sad.

    But they are happy here now. They have the run of the downstairs and are a joy to have. So glad to read you adopted rather than bought.


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